Worm Wheel

A worm wheel is a type of gear that consists of a worm and a wheel. The worm is a screw-shaped gear that meshes with the wheel, which is a flat gear with teeth. Worm wheels are used in a variety of applications, including machine tools, hoists, and conveyors.



Worm wheels are used in elevators to raise and lower the elevator car.

Wind turbines

Worm wheels are used in wind turbines to convert the rotational energy of the turbine blades into electrical energy


Worm wheels are used in conveyors to move materials from one place to another


Worm wheels are used in robots to transmit power from the motor to the joints of the robot

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What is a worm wheel?

A Worm wheel is a form of gear commonly utilized in industrial and machine applications. It is comprised of a worm that is a shaft-like type as well as a wheel with teeth that are connected together with the worm. When the worm is turned it rotates the wheel which is able to transfer power or motion between two shafts that are at the right angle to each opposite.


In the end, a worm wheel is a flexible and reliable kind of gear that can be used in a vast array of different applications. Its small size and high ratios of reduction make it a great option for small-sized applications as well as its self-locking abilities and long-lasting nature make it a great fit for industrial settings. When selecting a wormwheel it is crucial to think about factors like gear ratio, material selection and operating conditions for ensuring that the device is able to meet the specifications for performance and reliability.

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Type of Worm Wheel

There are two main types of worm wheels: single-threaded and double-threaded.

In addition to these two main types, there are also a number of other types of worm wheels, including:

Hobbed worm wheels: are worm wheels that are cut with a hobbing machine. Hobbed worm wheels are more accurate and efficient than cast worm wheels.

Forged worm wheels: are worm wheels that are made by forging. Forged worm wheels: are stronger and more durable than cast worm wheels.

Sintered worm wheels: are lightweight and have a low coefficient of friction.


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About worm wheels

When selecting a worm wheel, it is important to consider the following specifications!

Gear ratio: The gear ratio is the number of times the wheel rotates for every turn of the worm.

Torque: The torque is the amount of force that can be transmitted by the worm wheel.

Speed: The speed is the number of times the wheel rotates per minute.

Life: Life is the number of hours that the worm wheel can operate before it fails.


Worm wheels are used in a variety of applications, including!

Machine tools: Worm wheels are used in machine tools to transmit

power from the motor to the cutting tool.

Hoists: Worm wheels are used in hoists to lift heavy loads.

Conveyors: Worm wheels are used in conveyors to move materials from one place to another.

Other applications: Worm wheels are also used in a variety of other applications, such as wind turbines, robots, and elevators.


Advantages of Worm Wheel

High Torque: Worm wheels can transmit a lot of torque with little loss of power. This makes them ideal for applications requiring high torque, such as cranes, wind turbines, and robotics.

Low Speed: Worm wheels operate at low speeds, which makes them ideal for applications where noise and vibration are a concern.

Smooth Running: Worm wheels are smooth running, making them ideal for applications that require precision, such as machine tools.

Durability: Worm wheels are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This makes them a solid choice for a wide variety of applications.

Low Maintenance: Worm wheels require very little maintenance. This makes them a cost-effective choice for a variety of applications.


The working principle of worm wheel
  1. The worm is rotated by a motor or other power source.
  2. The worm engages with the teeth of the wheel.
  3. The worm and wheel rotate together, with the worm rotating much faster than the wheel.
  4. The torque from the worm is transferred to the wheel.
  5. The wheel rotates the output shaft.



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