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Worm Wheel


A worm wheel is a type of gear that is commonly used in machinery and industrial applications. It consists of a worm, which is a screw-like shaft, and a wheel, which has teeth that mesh with the worm. When the worm is turned, it rotates the wheel, which can be used to transmit power or motion between two shafts at a right angle to each other.

One of the key advantages of a worm wheel is its ability to provide high gear reduction ratios in a compact package. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited, such as in robotics or automation systems. Additionally, the worm design provides inherent self-locking capabilities, which can be useful in preventing back driving of the system.

Worm Wheel Product Parameters

Product Name
Worm & Worm Gear
Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, others as client requests
Production Process
High Precision Grinding

Worm Wheel Advantage

High efficiency: Worm wheels can be very efficient, with efficiencies of up to 98%.

High torque: Worm wheels can transmit high torques, making them ideal for applications where high power is required.

Low noise: Worm wheels are relatively quiet in operation.

Long life: Worm wheels can have a long service life, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications.

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worm wheel Application:



 Worm wheels are used in elevators to raise and lower the elevator car. The high gear ratio of worm wheels allows for a small motor to lift a large elevator car.

Automotive industry

 Worm wheels are used in the automotive industry to operate various components, such as the steering wheel, the windshield wipers, and the windows.

Machine tools

Worm wheels are used in machine tools to transmit power from the motor to the cutting tool. The high gear ratio of worm wheels allows for a lot of torque to be transmitted, which is necessary for cutting through hard materials.



Worm wheels are used in conveyors to move materials from one place to another. The high gear ratio of worm wheels allows for a conveyor to move materials slowly and smoothly.

Wind turbines

Worm wheels are used in wind turbines to convert the rotational energy of the turbine blades into electrical energy. The high gear ratio of worm wheels allows for a small turbine to generate a large amount of electricity.


Worm wheels are used in robots to transmit power from the motor to the joints of the robot. The high gear ratio of worm wheels allows for the robot to move its joints slowly and precisely.